quality volume is an event about music, people and dancing.

we don’t have a lot of clever words to make this party sound extraordinary appealing or fashionably sexy. all we want to say is that we are doing this for the love of dance orientated music and for dancing, and out of respect for the craft of deejaying. we strive to build a community around these simple values and would like to contribute to the local dance scene by hosting an event that blurs the artificial boundaries between music genres.

at the quality volume party, the emphasis is on playing quality music the way it was done in the early days of the craft of deejaying… when deejaying was a craft and you had to earn your place behind the turntables. so, all night there will only be one deejay, greeting guests and at the end of the night, warmly bidding them farewell with the music. what happens in between is up to the mood of the party.

quality volume’s music policy is wide open, leaning toward the underground. music both old and new will make the playlist as long as it is soulful and danceable. expect to hear anything from jazz, hip hop, boogie, reggae, electro, dubstep, rock, african, garage, latin, techno, soul, funk, r&b to house, drum & bass and dub.

come as you are, and please join us for an evening of disco lights and boogie.

29.06.13 = quality volume : Taster by Dala Flat. on Mixcloud