BIG HAIR & BOOGIE Vol.1- A Tribute to Marcy


BIG HAIR & BOOGIE Vol.1- A Tribute to Marcy

I stumbled on a thought the other day. One that made me ask the question if living in an era, engulfed in the experience and observations of the culture, the sights and sounds in ‘real’, time will make one play the music of that time, within a DJ context with a much deeper understanding and ease…? My feeling is most definitely!

I was born in the 70s, and vaguely remember the finer details of the time. However through a natural form of osmosis, being surrounded by certain kinds of music, people, fashion and trends, I can feel my way through the dark of that decade, and understand it a level I find hard to articulate and sometimes impossible to clearly express. It was however the 80s with all its pomp, audacity and synthetic nature that I recall with extreme detail. The 80s was a revolution on many fronts, liberating the day glow and big hair in all of us. I know the songs intimately, the artists with fascination and the fashion with quiet embarrassment. It’s all this detail that I’ve translated into this mixtape compilation as a tribute to my friend Marcy who turned 40 today. I aptly call it, BIG HAIR & BOOGIE Vol.1- A Tribute to Marcy.

Rummaging through my records and reconnecting with songs of various significance was like a fun jump back in time and it is this nostalgia and energy that I’ve tried to relay in this mix. Although very commercial in its nature, this is a dance set filled with crazy big electric guitar riffs and solos, high energy synth stabs and top end heavy frequencies, with lyrics that hold a poetry and meaning you simply don’t find in the pop gumf of now. This is bubble gum that has not lost its flavour and kind of gets the toes tapping, even at times conjuring up the uncontrollable urge to take on the air guitar stance and pound away at the molecules around you. I hope you enjoy it and do listen out for further instalments to the BIG HAIR & BOOGIE series. Here’s a big HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to MARCY! May there be many more great ones, HOSH!

BIG HAIR & BOOGIE Vol.1- A Tribute to Marcy by Dala Flat. on Mixcloud